Clap for Carers and everyone else!

Just a reminder that Thursday evenings is Clap for Carers night, so get out on your doorstep and make some noise at 8.00pm.  Clap, cheer, ring bells, clang pots and pans – show your appreciation for key workers, and particularly those working in the NHS who have sacrificed so much to help Britain get through the coronavirus crisis.

Timberscombe Good Neighbours

A big thank you also to Joy Booth and her team of fabulous volunteers who are spending hours helping the isolated with food, medicines, hospital lift, cheer up chats, etc. Thank you one and all.

Fish and Chips

From Elisabeth Powls – Ken and I have just sampled John’s take away fish and chips and it was lovely. If you didn’t go you missed a treat. We would like to thank John and his helpers for giving us a change in these circumstances and giving us something to look forward to on May 4th.

Keep your distance

I have been asked to send out a huge thank you to everyone in the village who is maintaining the safe distancing rule.

Unfortunately, there appear to be a very few people in the village who seem to need a reminder about the importance of keeping their distance. Please be aware that although you may not be worried about catching the virus other people are.

Social contact has cost thousands of lives. Please keep your distance even from your friends. 

Thank you


Old Dairy Takeaway Lunch Friday 24th April


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